The Beautiful You Project launch

Hello and Happy Day:)

The Beautiful You Project is my adventure into what I call Cultivating Good Enough-ness.

Too often we tell ourselves we are not ‘good enough,’ ‘smart enough,’ ‘thin enough,’ ‘pretty enough,’ ‘fill in the blank enough.’  It has become a dis-ease of epidemic proportions.  I see it in my students, I see it in my friends, I see it in myself.

I invite you to join me in The Beautiful You Project, where together, we can help each other heal this untruth and stand in a place of knowing we are loved, deserving, and good enough.

I will be blogging about my journey in Cultivating Good Enough-ness and sharing stories of others who have healed this dis-ease in their own lives.  Some of the themes I will be working with/writing about are:  Willingness, Clarity, Trust, Happiness, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Well-Being, Body Image, Self-Actualization, Empowerment, Money, and Love–to name just a few.

If you choose to Cultivate Good Enough-ness in your own life with me, the tools you will need are:

Gumption – the guts to show up and do the work.  Just like everything in life, you will get out of this journey what you put into it.

Vulnerability – this equates to a willingness to change, to be open to the possibility that you are indeed good enough.

Love – love yourself enough to be honest with yourself, no matter what.

Belief – believe in the truth that it can and will get better.

Beautiful You ~ you deserve it all, you are worthy, you matter.  I hear you.  Now it is time for you to listen to yourself and heal through a shift in perception ~ You Are Good Enough.  Period.  Be courageous and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Gather gumption to your side and leap.  This is your LIFE, your journey, may it be filled with joy and love, grace and ease.



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1 Response to The Beautiful You Project launch

  1. Dian says:

    I’m so very proud of U Shannon. This is wonderful Idea. Keep it going. Hugs Mom

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