Stepping Up and Embracing the New

So, I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks since I began this process.  I’m not just blogging, I am working on a book, beginning a high school girls’ group, and a woman’s group where together we can apply some of the things I’ve learned over the years about cultivating good enough-ness.

Nothing like putting yourself out there in a big way to bring up old stuff that still needs to be released. And I’ve realized that one of the main ways I keep myself small is through avoidance.  I just get so busy I “forget” that I have made choices to continue my spiritual growth, which means showing up for ‘me.’  Hence, The Beautiful You Project, my reminder to set aside time to listen to my heart and to my spirit and to share what I’ve learned in the process.  It’s scary and disconcerting and wonderful and exhilarating all at the same time and I love it.  And I avoid it:) Convenient that my job takes up so much of my time, that my son needed help preparing for his trip, that I got a cold…

Funny how that happens.

So, here’s to releasing the old and embracing the new with grace and ease, and love and joy because all this other stuff is just that, stuff.  I release it and ask that it be transmuted into love and light and truth and joy and if it ~ ‘it’ being my old stuff, old patterns, old belief systems ~ come knocking again, I may still ask it in, but I know its visit will be shorter because I am more aware.

And that’s the trick, mindfulness.  Life, if we are lucky ~ if we choose for it to be so, ~ can be full to bursting with joy and love and obligations/choices that we choose to keep enacting on day in and day out.

So how do we become more mindful about what we are doing?  What we are thinking?  What we are telling ourselves that no longer serves our highest good?  By becoming still, and listening with our hearts, not with our heads.  By allowing, by being willing to slow down, to take a breath, to pause.  It is within this pause, this moment of stillness between one heartbeat and the next, that perhaps something bigger than ourselves can step in and say, ‘this too shall pass, all is well, you can do this, I’ve got your back, I love you, you are worthy, you are loved, you are good enough just because you are you with all your foibles and eccentricities and boring everyday-ness and I love you still.’

And perhaps the more we take the time to listen, the more we might actually hear the goodness that is our birthright, waiting for us to open our arms and accept its warm, loving embrace.

Writing this blog, this post in-particular, is my way of stepping up to ‘avoidance’ and embracing the new.

What is one thing you can do this week that will move you forward in your own cultivating good enough-ness project?  Remember, even a baby step gets you one step closer to your goal.

Happy Cultivating

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1 Response to Stepping Up and Embracing the New

  1. K says:

    Thank you for every heart felt word!

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