Picking Up the Pooh

picking up the pooh 3

Hello my Beautiful You friends,

So, yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous Fall day here in the Valley – seventy eight degrees, the warm sun beating down, and it had just rained earlier in the week.  Everything was sparkly and bright and clean and fresh.

After a very relaxing morning – there is just something divine about hanging out in bed with your Honey and knowing that you don’t have to get up and rush off to work/school/an appointment, etc. – we decided to do some work around the house.  You know the kind of stuff that just never really gets done because you don’t have the time or the inclination to do it?  Okay, for me it’s that I really don’t like to do these things and usually am so in the now and so in the doing that I don’t actually SEE these things that pile up right in front of me until it’s, you guessed it, ‘a big pile of shit.’  Avoidance?  Rose-tinted glasses?  The value I place on the stuff?  Just too damn busy?

How about, ‘all of the above.’  The point being that yesterday I actually did something about it and found it absolutely hilarious and apropos for what I am doing here at The Beautiful You Project blog and doing in my The Beautiful You Project classes – work through my shit while helping others work through theirs. (‘Shit’ being old patterns that no longer serve our good enough-ness, self-empowering cultivation.)

Okay, so picture this.  We live in a little house surrounded by ten acres of land – a glorious place.  Yesterday, we went walking around our property and there in our back yard we re-discovered our beautiful dog, Wilson’s contribution to fertilizing the land.  And we’re talking piles, and piles, and piles, and piles of the stinky stuff.  Yep, we were looking at nearly a year’s worth of pooh.

Talk about a brick-to-the-head verses a whisper ….  Here we were living the good life, living mindfully, living with kindness, living with and in beauty, and right outside our back door is a mine field of pooh-pooh.

Thankfully I was in the ‘right’ mindset to see this as a good thing.  After all, it means our dog is healthy and very well fed.  It also meant that he had a blast marking his territory – that’s a different ‘aha’ moment for another day.  But what this field of pooh really meant to me was that just because I ignored it, didn’t mean it wasn’t there, weighing me/us down.  That just because I choose not to see the piles of papers on the kitchen counter, the dog hair on the floor, the checkbook statements waiting to be used to help me balance my checking account, doesn’t mean that they too weren’t weighing me down energetically.

This birth year, my goal is to act.  Act on my dreams, act on my ideas, act on taking care of my shit.  And so, yesterday, I got busy shoveling.  And let me tell you, there was ALOT of shit out there.  We had to dig four wholes to bury the stuff in.  Some of it was fresh, some of it old, some of it barely recognizable as pooh, and then the slight nearly winter breeze would shift just so, and a massive whiff of ‘ewwww!’ about bowled me over.  YUCK!!!  Honestly, I don’t think there is any other smell that can make you gag and laugh at the same time in such delightful disgust.

Wilson had done his job, and then he kept doing his job, and I am so grateful that he did.  Because obviously I needed four deep holes and several hours of scooping up pooh, to figure out how laughable this old pattern of mine is.  I don’t think I’m lazy.  I think this is just a matter of shifting my priorities, even more so, it’s about shifting my perception.  I can still use my rose-tinted glasses to see the world through (pink, after all is a delightful color to say nothing of it’s healing properties and the fact that it just makes me happy,) but that doesn’t mean I am going to ignore what’s right in front of me anymore.  I vow from here forward to pick up my shit.

Will it take me longer sometimes than others to do this, so as I’m cleaning up four or five piles of doo-doo instead of one?  Probably, and that’s okay.  The point being, I now see the piles of pooh as pools of wasted energy.  And since I believe in the Law of Attraction – what you focus on, or in this case, ignore – grows.  And since I know that Wilson will continue to do his duty and leave me piles of dog-doo, well then, I will do my duty and CLEAN THE SHIT – his AND mine – UP.

Another little treat… 

While traversing my back yard, the longer I worked at finding the piles of feces, the more fun I had with each discovery.  I got a jolly laugh when I ferreted out even the smallest morsel of doo-doo.  So, I’m out in the field, by myself, laughing, and going – ‘a-ha, found you, you sucker!’ only I used a different expletive that was much more fun!  I had turned ‘picking up shit’ into a game and had a blast.  Now, to take this joie de vivre and apply it to all my other piles….

So, my Beautiful You friends,

What is one pile of pooh, you can clean up today?  For me, it always helps to keep a chore like this manageable.  And since we are working on shifting our perceptions, let’s not call it a chore (because I detest chores,) let’s call it an act of creating positive space.  Hey, whatever works to get me/you going.  I know that I tend to get overwhelmed at my piles of shit and as a result, back off and let it rot a bit longer….  Instead, how about we both try one thing a day, a week, a month to create positive space in our homes and thus, in our hearts.  I know this may be out of your comfort zone, like it is for me.  But I bet we can both do it.  As a writer one of my favorite sayings, and I wish I could remember who I heard it from first because I’ve heard it numerous times, goes something like this:  ‘write a page a day and in 365 days you will have a completed book.’  Now, you may not be writing a book, but think about all the little piles of doo-doo we could both have gone.  And think about all that positive space that will be left behind – there’s now room for all the yummy things in life that you’ve been craving.  You know what?  Let’s not only try.  Let’s do.

Happy Cultivating.

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