The Stomach Flu and Surrender

Hello my Beautiful You friends,

There is just something so humbling about having the stomach flu, I mean REALLY having the stomach flu so that you are completely in your body at the mercy of its needs for once.  An interesting experience to just try to breathe and let go while you’re insides are heaving, and what had gone down ~ uhg! ~ comes back up and, well, other things are going on all at the same time!  

Let me tell you, it was a delightfully SHORT (thank god:) lesson in how to let go, but very in my face, so to speak.  A lovely reminder to take better care of myself, to let go and let be, and to just breathe.  Also, a quick respite I didn’t know I needed before the winter break.

Cleansing a la stomach flu style ~ ya got to love it! 

It’s fascinating to me how quickly I healed, but its also fascinating to me how I was fine and then I wasn’t. Life is precious, each moment counts, and I plan on taking the moment to heart all the more fully and completely as a ‘thank you’ to this season’s stomach flu.

So, here’s my wish for you, my Beautiful You friends, that you take a respite for yourself, BEFORE your body does it for you:)  And that you take advantage of this holiday season to reflect, to breathe, and to love yourself just a little bit more.

May you have the most joyous and the healthiest of holiday seasons yet.

Warmest heartfelt wishes for you and yours.

ImageHappy Cultivating.

PS:  Happy Winter Solstice (This is our version of a December sunset ~ gorgeous and about 40*)


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