Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I heard a song the other day and one of the lyrics was about waking up happy every day, and it made me think, ‘What would it feel like to wake up happy every morning?’

Quite a simple question, but so impacted with doubt, and ‘it’s not possible,’ and ‘no one wakes up happy every morning!’

But why not?  Each morning is an opportunity to do better since you know better, to practice purposeful acts of kindness to yourself and for yourself, and then for others.  Each morning is an opportunity to breathe deep and enjoy every moment you are given, to tell those you love that you really, really love them.  To look in the mirror and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay, because at your core, you are okay.  Each morning is an opportunity to forgive and surrender and heal, to learn and grow and spread love and joy, and to cultivate good enough-ness in the way you think and act.

With this kind of outlook, it gets a little easier to believe in the possibility of waking up happy every day, doesn’t it?

But most of us don’t see each day as a new opportunity.  We get so caught up in the minutia of the day-to-day, in the rush of getting our to-do lists done and getting them done NOW!, that we forget we have the power within us to shift from ick to yum, from ugh! to ahh, from I hate this to I accept this and I can change this.

So how do we shift from waking up every morning and seeing the day as a struggle, to waking up every morning and seeing the day as a gift?

For me, being grateful helps tremendously.  When you have friends and family that struggle daily with things we all take so for granted – like breathing, swallowing, talking, walking, eating without getting nauseated, your heart beating regularly and without any blockages – it helps put things in perspective.  But, and here’s the willingness piece of The Beautiful You Project, you have to be willing to see life as an opportunity to work on your shit, to heal, and to choose to change if where you are at right now is no longer serving your highest good.

I’ve lived where waking up was so hard, where all I wanted to do was curl into a tight ball and go back to sleep so I didn’t have to face the day.  It’s not fun, to say the least.  Now I wake up, look out our window and take the time to just watch the sun rise, to notice the beauty that surrounds me, to be thankful for my every breath, for the family that I love and that loves me, for my friends, and for my work.  For me, the glass is not only half full, but spilling over with delight.  I love being in this place of joy, it kind of bubbles like fine champagne beneath the surface of my skin and colors my day in glowing shades of love.

But how did I get here?  A lot, and I mean a lot, of self excavating, self journeying, and self discovery.  I had to take the time to get to know my Self again, and in order to do that I had to forgive and learn to love without judgment or conditions, me.

Whatever your journey is, I just want to say that waking up happy is not only possible, it is doable.  It’s all about the lens you see Life through.  Does the Universe have your back?  Or are you waiting for it to stab you in the back when you’re already down?  Do you always have enough because you trust Life to give you what you need?  Or are you trembling in fear because there’s never enough to go around?

A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception. Wouldn’t it be nice to come from a place of love instead of fear, from wholeness instead of a place of never enough?  I know for me the first step was realizing and then accepting and then voicing that there was a problem, that the way I was doing things was no longer working.  That something had to change, that I had to change.  After that, it was just one baby step at a time.  Some days were one struggle after another, others full of grace and ease.  And little by little as I grew into love, as I forgave and surrendered old grudges and hurts, as I listened to my heart instead of my head, things began to shift more and more toward love, and good enough-ness, and healing.  And because of that, now most mornings, sometimes even every morning, I wake up happy.

So, your turn, my Beautiful You friends, what is one thing you can do differently that will shift your path, your life, toward love and waking up happy?  And remember, change doesn’t have to be this horrendous thing; it also doesn’t have to be huge.  Sometimes the tiniest shift in your thing will have the largest impact on how you live your life.  Try something non-threatening—go to sleep an hour sooner, by grandmother swears a good night’s sleep only is a glass of milk and a banana away.  Give yourself a hug, wear a favorite pair of pajamas, sleep naked and bask in the coolness of your sheets, brush your teeth with your opposite hand (careful, this can be quite challenging.)

The point being, do something, anything, that is positive and feeds your soul in a new and  loving way, and I promise you, you will begin to see that the sunrise can be the happiest of occasions.

So here’s to your bliss, here’s to your self discovery, and here’s to your treating yourself with a little more love and little less, less-than-ness.  After all, this is The Beautiful You Project, and we are working together to cultivate good enough-ness in every thing we do and in every aspect of who we are.

Here’s to you and your journey.

Happy Cultivating.

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1 Response to Happy Happy Joy Joy

  1. Unlimited says:

    Wow WoW WOW! Wonderful!

    You are more and more eloquent and joyful! It is a great honor and a great delight to read your writing! You make my heart sing! Bliss to you! Bliss to you dear and treasured MMG!!!!! Love ~Always! Kate

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