Community – It’s All About LOVE

My Beautiful You Friends,

This summer has been an amazing experience for me. First to Paris, solo, then with my world traveled son where our roles reversed and HE was the one helping ME find my way.  Greece next, where adventures with my two favorite goddesses–my Mom and my sister–abounded.  Rome, Italy welcomed us all with open arms, steamy days, and hotter nights.

Home again to Santa Ynez and another aspect of family for the Cub Fly-In in Lompoc.  I love that “family” is what you make it.  Once a year we get together and it’s like we never left each other’s company.

Off to Flagstaff, Arizona with my honey and my son, my true soul family, where we challenged ourselves to the Flagstaff Extreme ropes course.  Let’s just say, I have NEVER (in my adult life) challenged myself so physically as last Sunday (and I’m still feeling it!)  I was able to do this for two reasons:  I had decided to let go of my fear of challenging my ‘box’ of what I could and couldn’t do (physically, at least) earlier in the year in Mendo, Ecuador where I went zip lining above the Cloud Forest with my son, and mom, and sister.  And two, because I was with the people I feel safest with at my most vulnerable.  I didn’t know if I could complete the ropes course, let alone the Black course (the one at the end that kicks your ass!), but because I was my true self and fully in the moment, I was fully invested.  I finished the ropes course because I didn’t give up and because when my upper arm strength went, “POOF!” my honey was right there to give me a helping hand which I gladly accepted.

Community at its finest!  It didn’t hurt that my son was right behind me, encouraging me (role reversal, again) and awaiting his turn to conquer the Black course, too!!  And we ALL did.  Can you say, “Wooo-hoooo!!!”  Talk about a natural high!

Now I am at the Romance Writers of America 2014 National Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  Steamy days (again), hotter nights (again), and goose bump inducing air conditioning due to 55% humidity and 98* outside.  This is what I posted on Facebook today celebrating community:)

“RWA National rocks!  Where else can you get hundreds of women (and men:) who not only love a happily ever after, but spread LOVE on a daily basis by writing about love with all its idiosyncrasies and miraculous wonders?  And THEN, share their knowledge of how to do so willingly, graciously, and with the hope that you too will pay it/love it forward.  These people are sooooo generous and kind and open and supportive and encouraging.  I hear, again and again, “You CAN do it!” which makes all the difference.  Hope is a very powerful motivator, it makes the/my heart sing and expand and soar with possibilities and probabilities, which in turn, creates realities.  And isn’t that what dreams are made of?!

We should all be so lucky to be a part of something like this.  Thank you RWA and all of its members.  Thank you to my family (and my friends are part of my family, my soul community) for helping me not only get here, but “be” fully present while I am here and thus, able to embrace the beauty and awesomeness of writing about self-empowerment which leads to accepting love in all its forms.”

My Beautiful You Friends,

Community.  What does it mean to you?  Take a moment to think about it and about all the people who make your life rich and deep and full and then bask in the overwhelming gratitude of being so loved.

Happy Cultivating:)

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