So Cool How Life Is A Process…

My Beautiful You friends,

So cool how life is a process…

 Twenty-three years ago yesterday my son’s father and I were married here in Santa Barbara and now, twenty-three years later, we’re friends, divorced, live on opposite sides of the U.S. and our son, now 19, is at college as a freshman after a year abroad exploring the world.  So cool how life is—the process, the joy, the discovery, even the pain and fear.  All just a process to get us to move more toward love—love of self, love of others, love of the environment we live in, love of the world of people we surround ourselves with, love of the family we cherish, love of the family we avoid.  Watching the sunrise and the sky shift from night to day, dark to light—it’s all a process.  How we age and grow old.  How we live in joy.  How we laugh, how we cry.  How we birth babies and ideas and creativity.  How we destroy and ignore and hide from—all just a process.

I love my process and in this process called Life I choose to be more mindful of the joy of it, of the gratitude I feel each day I am alive.  I choose love and bliss and grace and ease and laughter—the kind of laughter that has you crying and peeing your pants and gasping for breath.  I choose health and well-being and abundance and prosperity with exuberance.  I choose to be present and to take it all in with gratitude and pleasure and reverence.

Reverence, I like that word.  What exactly does it mean to you?  To me reverence means, to hold dear, to be aware of, to cherish, to be mindful of.  To look at your truth and falsehoods and not only recognize them, but accept them.  To be as authentic as possible in any given moment (and to forgive yourself when you don’t measure up to your own expectations—remember, when you know better, you do better.)  To be who you were meant to be—love, love, and love.

Here’s to life and to the ‘oh, so cool process’—mine, yours, ours.


So, my Beautiful You friends,

Think about your process.  Sit with it in reverence, change it if you don’t like what you see, cherish everything else.  Sometimes forgiveness and gratitude are the best places to start rebuilding, reinventing, reframing your process so that it supports you, encourages you, gives you hope to be the best you possible.

Remember, you are enough just because you are.  This is your Life, your process, you have the power within you to choose love and joy and laughter.  Sometimes taking the high road is the hardest thing you will ever do, but in the long run, the light that shines through is stunning.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.

Blessings and Happy Cultivating:)


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