I Learn To Love

I Learn To Love

Hello My Beautiful You friends,

Every morning, I journal.  This is my sacred time before I start the busy day.  I begin my process by pulling a card from one of my sacred affirmation decks.  Then I write about whatever comes to mind ~ it’s called, Morning Pages, a stream of consciousness form of writing I learned from Julia Cameron in her book, The Artist’s Way.  (If you haven’t read this book, I highly, highly, highly recommend it.)  I end my journaling with a passage from Ernest Holmes’ Creative Ideas ~ A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression.

Below is the passage I pulled this morning. It seemed apropos, not only as a lovely reminder and validation of how I am living my life, but as a prayer for Love worldwide. There have been a great many things going on lately that could use a whole lotta love to heal.  Perhaps if we all read this, take a moment to really feel LOVE and loved, and then send that energy out into the world, things will get better.  Love does that, makes things better.

Here’s the passage written by Earnest Holmes, in Creative Ideas ~ A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression. 

 I Learn To Love

          Today my love goes out to all people and all things. There is no fear in this love, for perfect love casts out all fear. There is no doubt in this love, for faith penetrates all doubt and reveals a unity at the center of everything that embraces all things.

          This love flowing through me harmonizes everything in my experience, brings joy and gladness to everything, brings a sense of security and well-being to everyone.  And I realize that the love flowing through, in, and around me and all things is one vast all-enveloping essence and force forever emanating from the living God. Love alone rules my every experience (pg. 80.)

And so My Beauties, here’s to you, here’s to the world, and here’s to Love.

I hope your day is fabulous.  And when love shows up, smile, open your heart, and let Love in.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.



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