50 Shades of Pink

50 Shades of Pink


Hello My Beauties,

I hope this day finds you in happy spirits and at some point in the day, basking in sunlight.

I bought some peonies at Trader Joes last week, and little did I think flowers could teach me so much about surrendering to transformation. But isn’t that how life goes, it’s the little things that, if we’re open to the signs and symbols they offer, bring the most delight.

I love flowers, always have. What’s not to love? They’re beautiful, sometimes strangely weird, and can smell like ambrosia. For a long time I kept my need for flowers locked away—they were too expensive, and besides, if I was going to spend money, I had other things I needed more. Oh, but I pined for the day when I could have flowers all around the house and not worry about the money they might cost. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Maybe I never did—perception, right?

For me flowers aren’t just for a special occasion. Like champagne, I think flowers should be part of our everyday lives. Sure, it’s extra special to get a bouquet for your birthday, but it’s the ‘just because’ gifts that somehow hold more meaning for me. Flowers represent the beauty in the world I choose to invite into my life (champagne too.)

But this bouquet was different. I like to think I take the time to notice things, but all too often I don’t. The peonies changed that for me, made me more aware, and it’s my intention to hold onto this awareness. We get so busy, so wrapped up in the ‘I have to,’ ‘I should,’ ‘I’m late,’ or ‘I’m just so damn tired,’ that we forget to not only breathe, but to take a moment to look around us.

Try this… when you next get in your car to go wherever you ‘have to,’ or ‘should,’ or ‘I’m just so damn tired,’ look up at the sky. Take a breath. Now, really see the sky. Watch the clouds flow by or build into white poofy monstrosities that glow as the sun descends or rises. Listen to the birds, the wind, the traffic on the breeze. Inhale deep and smell the flowers, the rain, the earth. Take a moment to step outside yourself, so that you can step back in a little more settled, a little less anxious, a little more able to accept what might come your way.

This is what flowers do for me…. They remind me that I am not the ‘end all, be all.’ That LIFE, in all its shapes and colors and textures, is everywhere. Though we often cut flowers in order to bring them into our lives, they thrive still. And isn’t that an amazing thing in and of itself? They have been cut off from their power source and yet, for a time, they last. If we water them, trim their stems, and give them some plant food, they last even longer. The beauty, other than the obvious, is that flowers allow their transition from life to death to happen one moment at a time, one day at a time.

The peonies I bought from TJs were a spectacular example of this; they inspired this post, obviously. But really, can you imagine surviving, even for a day, cut off from your power source? These flowers came to me as tightly closed buds and over the next week shifted, transitioned, changed, transformed, morphed into something holy. A gift from LIFE that said: it’s okay to open up and face the world, look at how beautiful we are in all of our forms, new, young, adolescent, old and wise, and then, done.

So the next time you buy yourself flowers or someone gives you some with love, take the time to really see the gift they are giving you with their presence and remind yourself that you too are loved, that you too can face change with grace and ease and beauty.

Here’s to flowers in all their rarity and strangeness, plethora and beauty. Here’s to you.

And so, my Beauties, what’s your favorite flower? Write me a post and tell me why. I’d love to hear from you.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.



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