Grace and Ease and Transition ~

Grace, Ease, and Transition ~


Hello My Beauties,

I hope you are amaaaaazing!

The school year is now in full swing and wow, it’s already mid-September. Time has just tumbled by. Transitioning from summer and no real set schedule, to the structure of a day in and day out job that begins and ends at the same time each day (well, five days a week) is always just that, a transition. This year the transition has been remarkably filled with grace and ease, and I am sooo grateful. Thank you Universe ~ God ~ Good ~ Love….

In light of all the above grace, it has been interesting to also keep my sacred time, sacred. Sacred time—time for just me, whether I’m writing or reading or drooling over Pinterest—was something I had oodles of over the summer. Now, amidst the school day, appointments, tutoring, I won’t say it’s been challenging to carve out sacred time because, with intention I choose grace and ease, but it has been a process of letting go and surrendering to the new that is now.

Waking up at 5:00am to write comes and goes, sometimes the Universe conveniently just doesn’t allow my alarm to ring and oh, suddenly I had an extra hour + of sleep. LOL, I owe the garbage men/women—their truck was sooo LOUD! Hehehe. But really, I AM still writing, it’s just not in huge chunks of time, more like snippets. But let me tell you, writing after a full day of teaching and tutoring and exercising… it usually doesn’t get done because I am done. Giving myself permission to BE DONE is also part of the sacred I’m practicing. Loving myself enough to know I do NOT have to do it all, and instead choosing to do well that which I DO do has made a big difference, and it leaves space for grace. As a psychological trick, this gives me room to say ‘yes’ if I choose to without the guilt/weight of ‘should haves,’ ‘would haves,’ and/or ‘could haves.’ Can you say, ‘ease?’

Something that has really helped me shift into the rhythm of the school year is taking the time to one, journal, and two, to walk outside and take three minutes to watch nature TURN THE LIGHT ON. Participating in the sunrise has shifted my dread of the morning to an absolute joy and wonder. Every morning the sky is new and fresh and the light show is brilliant and subtle and shifts with the wind and play of light on the clouds (if there are any clouds.) Dare I say it’s an even better caffeine jolt than my first cup of tea? I dare.

My sister’s comment to me after I showed her the picture posted here was: “Amazing things going on in nature.” And, oh, yeah there are. This has been a summer and fall (though I say fall because the school year has started, not because autumn has arrived. It’s been frickin’ 99* to over 102* here in the Valley—Summer is asserting her power and she’s not ready to give over her reign, yet. When she does, it will be another opportunity for me to shift with grace and ease from loving the heat to embracing the cold—there is a reason I live where it is almost always sunny and it gets HOT. I’m setting my intent now to cozy into my jeans and sweaters and long sleeved T-shirts and my fav Doc Martin boots with glee, knowing this too shall pass, but savoring every moment of it along the way.

There’s been a lot this summer has shown me: how to honor myself more, love myself more, allow in more grace, choose ease with more… ease. I know things are not always full of grace. And sometimes ease is the furthest thing from reality for some of my loved ones, which, for me is an opportunity to step into grace all the more, to embrace the subtle and dramatic shifts of Life with as much joy and gratitude as I am able. And then do it again and again and again. If they can’t, then I had better (no guilt, just a call to action).

The sky has helped me pull the love of the Universe in deeper; my walks in the open golden covered hills spotted in giant, gnarled Oaks have validated my own potential. And the shifting of the seasons has reminded me that everything transitions from moment to moment. It’s how we choose to move with these transitions that allows grace and ease and love in.

So here’s to deeper, fuller, and the giddiness of knowing you are good enough. Period. Here’s to embracing transitions with an open heart and mind, so our souls can soar.


So, My Beauties, Please share some of your moments of grace and ease and transition. I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.



PS ~ You can revisit my post, Transitions, on 9-3-14 to see what I thought of transitions last year.  Can you hear the echo?

Please take care.

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