Trying New Things

Trying New Things ~

Hello My Beauties,

July is my birth month and this year I wanted to try something new, well, old-new to me.  I decided to go from being a blonde to a redhead again.  I am a Leo and if you know anything about Leos, our mane is a large part of our ego and our perceived wellbeing.  I have fun with my hair, I let it grow then cut it all off, I shift the color; my hair is a statement to me about me.

Sooo, let’s just say that the initial change in hair color did not go as planned.  I had flummoxed my cosmetologist and sent her on a chemistry conundrum.  We tried again with slightly better results and then, we had to give my hair a break—we even cut off the super damaged part, which actually helped the color, a little.  I like vibrant color for my hair—think golden white blonde.  I was going for a lovely strawberry shade that popped; what I got was more along the lines of a brownish-grayish-greenish color that is hard to describe (at least, this is how it looked to me; to others, it wasn’t so bad.)  We tried one more time a week later and ended up with something very pretty, but it certainly was not what I had intended.  It’s really not that bad, I kept telling myself, but inside I was crying just like I did when the perm my Mom gave me in the eighties absolutely did NOT make me look like Olivia Newton John in Grease, but more like a poodle gone rogue.

Can you say, ego?  Yep.  This was a great lesson of self-acceptance no matter what.  And it has been good for me to let go of my vanity even more.  I think the hardest part was that I was working on being healthy, getting stronger by walking 3 miles, 5 days a week, and being happier.  But when I looked in the mirror my reflection did not reflect what I was experiencing.  It was very disconcerting to look in the mirror and not see the me I expected.

What I know now is that we see ourselves the way we choose to see ourselves.  I had to look passed my hair and look into my soul, and what I found there loves me—no matter my hair color.

July was an interesting month for me for a lot of different reasons, my hair just one of them.  I helped my friend move and things went great, but by the end of the evening I could not move my right arm and my elbow felt as if I had wacked the heck out of it.  The pain didn’t go away no matter the ice packs or the Advil I guzzled.  I found out I had tennis elbow/tendonitis.  Oookaaay… it will go away, right?

Let’s just say I am an extremely right handed person.  Not being able to use my right hand for the day to day tasks I sooooo took for granted was hard, but not as painful as using my right hand anyway.  Remember, I am a writer and a teacher and I am at my computer all the time.  You want to try something new?  Try using your mouse with your opposite hand.  Any finesse and speed you have goes right out the window.  What about brushing your teeth, your hair, or wiping your…?   You get my meaning.  It is NOT easy.  It was frustrating, but my arm has healed and I can now say I am quite a bit more ambidextrous—you could even say, more balanced.

In light of my tennis elbow not healing overnight, I sought other means of help.  Acupuncture was recommended.  I believe in acupuncture and alternative ways of healing.  But to say I have a teeny-tiny hate of needles, is a big fat white lie—too much trauma at the Dentist for me to ever feel comfortable with the things.  As an adult, I have managed my fear and know it will only hurt for a second… still, to purposefully choose to be stuck with a needle, and then to go back and do it again?  But part of my birthday resolution for the year was to try new things.  The hair hadn’t gone so well, maybe acupuncture would.

It is a fascinating experience lying on the Acupuncturist’s massage table, anticipating the needle poke/sting/ache and then it isn’t so bad at all, while other needle placements necessitate a mantra of breathing and letting go so as not to yank them out.  I’m exaggerating… a little.  And I keep going back, one, because it IS working, and two, because I find the experience an interesting process of mind over matter.  I have to stay put and allow and actually accept the healing process.  I also find it very relaxing.  Enlightening to realize I had to be pricked with (so far) up to twelve needles during one session in order to take an hour out of the day to breathe, watch my thoughts come and go, to focus my energy on healing.  Sound like a form of meditation to you?  Absolutely.

September came and went, and I made peace with my hair.  And then in October I went back to being blonde, and am ever so grateful.  But the part to remember here is that I did try something new… and it didn’t work.  And that is OKAY.  Sometimes things have to go a bit wonky to be able to really appreciate what does go right.  And it’s not a bad thing to be reminded of both.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.



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  1. DPK says:

    show before and after shots!

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