Happy 2nd Birth Day, The Beautiful You Project!

Hello My Beauties,

Wow, as of September 15th, The Beautiful You Project celebrated its second birthday!

Thank you soooooooooo much to all of you who have shared in this journey of discovering and cultivating our unique, wondrous, sometimes silly (oh, I should hope so) good enough-ness.  That part of your being that keeps knocking on the door of your heart, mind, soul, and body—the part of you that says, ‘Yes, I can!’ when everything/everyone around you is saying ‘No, you can’t.’  Sometimes the going it alone gets lonely, sometimes we need a hand to get ourselves up off the floor, out of the deep, dark cave of gloom we find ourselves in.  Sometimes we need someone to laugh with us and cry with us and remind us that, ‘This too shall (eventually) pass.’  YOU are that someone for me ~ my friends, my sisters and brothers of the heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am a better person for having known each and every one of you!!!

I’m a better person for writing these blogs.  They make me think, listen to my inner being that is connected so soulfully to LIFE, to LOVE.  People talk about finding your passion, your bliss, your purpose.  I think our passion, our bliss, our purpose is in loving ourselves back from the deep end of doubt and stupid and fear and not good enough.  Our purpose is to first heal ourselves so we can share that joy, that knowingness that, ‘Yes, this totally bites the big one, but I WILL get through it because I KNOW I can.’  There’s something pretty magical in that knowledge, it allows you to be more present, to throw your arms wide open, your heart wide open, to Life, to Love, to Joy, to choosing Grace and Ease, and to letting go of the drama and trauma.

I am where I am in my life ~ a really wondrous place ~ in part, because of ALL of you.  Your comments and texts in response to my blog posts mean the world to me.  Knowing I bring a little bit of joy to what can be someone’s daily grind, makes me smile.  Knowing my words, words that come straight from my heart and my soul, connect with you on any kind of level, is humbling.

I feel radiant and steeped in Gratitude.  Every loving thought, every loving smile, every aha! we’ve shared, I send a million, trillion, gazillion (what’s after gazillion?  bazillion?) times back to you.

You make my heart soar!

Thank you.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.

Blessings,   Shannon

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4 Responses to Happy 2nd Birth Day, The Beautiful You Project!

  1. Krista Horn says:

    Happy two year anniversary! Keep it up girl!

  2. DPK says:

    your blogs are inspirational! keep up the awesome work!

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