Synchronistic Magic

Synchronistic Magic

Hello My Beauties,

So, I believe in synchronicity, have experienced it firsthand numerous times.  But the other night at dinner was mind blowing.

Let me set the stage:  my man and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in town on the spur of the moment (of course.)  The food is delicious, the staff is happy to see us and have become dear friends over the years, and the wine is just yummy.

We love to sit at the bar so we can visit while they make our meal with laughter and love and attention to detail.  It’s also part of the magic to live vicariously through their creative process and watch the magic behind the counter where up to ten staff members are dancing around each other all the while flipping pizzas, boiling pasta, sautéing garlic, tossing salads, cooking entrees, and then beautifully plating the meals for a roomful of appreciative diners.

Another reason we choose to sit at the bar is we love to meet the people sitting next to us.  Sometimes they are friends we have not seen in way too long.  Sometimes they are friends we’ve never met before, but in no time have connected on a heart level amongst good food, wine, and shared laughter.  We may never see each other again, yet while we are together, we have the best time ever.  This is synchronicity at its finest.

And then there are the times like the other night that are just MAGIC.

I feel very connected to the Universe, to Life.  I listen to the best of my ability every moment of every given day.  That being said, my mind still gets blown, and oh, wow, you realize that things do happen for a reason, that there is a flow to Life and if you float or swim along with it, the ride is miraculous.

So, we were sitting at the bar and having a lovely time.  There was a couple sitting to my right, the woman next to me, and then her husband next to her.  I could tell they were from out of town by the way they perused the menus and watched in wonder the mystical happenings in the kitchen.  They each had a glass of wine, were dressed with attention… it was obviously a special evening.

The delectable food at this restaurant makes it really, really easy to open up a conversation with a total stranger.  This woman and I spoke for a bit on and off as we were waiting for our meals.  I asked, Where were they were visiting from?  South of here.  Were they in the Valley for very long?  Just through the weekend.  She graciously and with tears in her eyes, opened her heart to me and told me her son had just passed away.  My heart ached for them.  I offered my condolences and we talked a bit more and then I felt like we weren’t done yet, so I asked how old her son had been.  Twenty—the same age as my son.  Goosebumps and shivers, and wooooowwww, really?  Yes, really.

We ate some more delicious yumminess and I asked how she was doing, what she was doing for herself to get through this?  She shared that she journaled (I journal,) and told me she liked to take long walks.  I told her about a local property that is beyond beautiful to walk through (one of my favorite places on earth.)  Then I asked her, her name.


My name is Shannon.

We laughed.  What was her middle name?


Yep, same as mine, only I spell my middle name L-e-e.

Laughing some more, I leaned over and asked her husband his name.  David.

My brother’s name is David.

By now we are crying a bit at the wildness and beauty and timing of the whole thing and we pause and finish up our meals.  I felt compelled to share The Beautiful You Project blog with her and gave her my business card with the intention of offering up some love and hugs, and hope that things will get better, that her son will always be with her, and that she’s not alone.

If Shannon ever reads this blog post, I hope she knows what an impact meeting her and her husband has had on me, on my belief in synchronicity, on the exquisiteness of life being really hard and really beautiful at the same time—yin and yang, light and dark, sadness and bliss.  Magic.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.






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1 Response to Synchronistic Magic

  1. Joan Denney says:

    Wow….just wow…and must be Grappolo…thank you, Shannon…

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