Hope ~

Hello My Beauties,

I hope you are divine and truly soaking in the wondrous atmosphere of the holidays. Even though I am still flummoxed Christmas is next week, I can still feel the energy in the air that says, winter and hope and love and family.

With so much fear mongering going on in the world right now, I wanted to take a moment to remind myself why my glass isn’t just half full, but spilling over, why I choose love every day, why I believe in hope, and that we can let go of our differences, that we can forgive one another, that we can forgive ourselves.

In no particular order:

  1. I have a wonderful family, eccentric and witty and smart and crazy and broken and healing
  2. Same goes for all my wondrous friends
  3. My child—I say child loosely because he is going to be 21 this summer—continues to rock the world just by being a golden-white loving light in it
  4. My man, my partner, my love who cherishes me and loves me and respects me and likes my sometimes waaay out there-ness
  5. My writing and how it fills me up
  6. My heart and soul and body and how thankful I am to be here on this planet at this time, living this life to the fullest
  7. Music and all its wild creativity, how it helps energy flow, how it can imbue the very air we breathe
  8. Wilson, our dog, and his recovery from surgery—he’s bounding around like he is a pup and not about to celebrate his 98th birth day (in people years) come the 23rd
  9. Rose scented candles, lavender lotion, jasmine perfume
  10. Flowers, all kinds, especially the ones that scent the room
  11. My bed and T-shirt sheets and tons of pillows
  12. The amazing sunrises we get here in the winter
  13. The moon rising, a sliver of light in a black velvet sky prickled with diamonds
  14. The snap to the air after it rains
  15. The rain
  16. My fingers so I can type—I love typing, the way it feels, the way it helps translate what I am thinking into words others can and will read
  17. My breath—taking a deep one now and am sooo grateful
  18. That my life is full of grace and ease and giggles and guffaws
  19. That I still believe in hope and in the innate goodness of all
  20. The fact that each morning we get to start over, fresh and rejuvenated with limitless possibilities
  21. Oak trees and acorns and Sycamores and their leaves falling from their tall, tall branches floating and twirling down to the ground.  The crispy-crunch they make when you walk over a field of them
  22. Baby pictures of myself and my child and seeing the resemblance, especially when we laugh
  23. Hugs
  24. Letters from my girlfriends, just because
  25. Gifts I give myself everyday—journaling, a hot shower, a cup of tea
  26. Color and clothes that make me feel good or maybe it’s me who makes the clothes feel good….
  27. Danielle LaPorte and her Truth Bombs and Desire Map Core Desired Feelings
  28. Pinterest and all its scrumptious finds
  29. Colored pens to write my words down with
  30. All my favorite authors and their willingness to share their stories, to write and write and write and write. They are an inspiration to me. The voice that says don’t give up, never give up
  31. My parents and their marriage of 50 years (TODAY) and their willingness and stick-with-it-ness and love for one another even when it got hard and harder and is now pretty damn good, thank you very much!
  32. My Mom having her very first art show at 70 years young—go, Mom, go!  There’s hope for me yet
  33. My sister and her riding the waves in Kauai—she is lovely and strong and full of grace, and OMG, sexy as hell
  34. My brother for not giving up, never give up
  35. My BFF for her courage and her strength and her willingness to show up even when showing up is the fucking hardest thing she has ever done
  36. Flying and being able to see the world from high above in all its natural beauty
  37. Vision boards
  38. Words in general and specificity
  39. Movies and movie magic and again, the stories that help us see what sometimes we cannot see for ourselves
  40. Candlelight and the magic it provokes
  41. Sex and Kisses
  42. Money in all its abundance
  43. Dark chocolate malt balls
  44. Superheroes and their willingness to get the shit beaten out of them and persevering anyway, right over might
  45. A happy ending with a ton of self-realization mixed in
  46. Gratitude
  47. Grace and Ease
  48. Love love love love love love love…
  49. Me being me
  50. And you being you

Of course, the list doesn’t end here but I felt 50 was a good place to pause and reflect. There is something not on the list above, my gratitude for all of you, My Beauties. Thank you so much for sharing The Beautiful You Project with me, sharing your love, your insights, your lows and your highs. Here’s to life, here’s to you, and here’s to loving more, to laughing more, and to believing in hope even when it seems impossible.

Writing this list was fun and easier than I thought it would be. Re-reading it, as I get ready to post the blog has filled me up. I have sooo much to be grateful for, thank you. Now it’s your turn. Make a list of your own. Let it fill you up and lift your spirits, even if it is only for a moment. For every moment counts, and isn’t that what a day is? A moment plus a moment plus another moment and so on….

Here’s to your joy and to your hope.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease and gratitude forevermore.




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6 Responses to Hope

  1. Amy Leach says:

    Love this blog, love this post. I am pondering so many of these things! Thank you Shannon! What a gift. Happy happy holidays to you. I will add to both of our lists of gratitudes for the year– A new leader at for our special school made of so many dedicated, excellent passionate educators. I am looking forward to 2016 and what it will bring for FP!

  2. DPK says:

    BRAVO! Have a Happy Healthy and Prosperous 2016!

  3. Sera says:

    Shannon, you are a gifted writer. This is the first time I’ve been on your blog, don’t know what took me so long but I love it! I’ve tried to catch up reading a number of posts, they are great, you are great, please never stop writing.

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