The Start of a Year of Yes

The Start of a Year of Yes

Hello My Beauties,

I hope you are enjoying this fine, fine spring weather in mid-February. I know I am, with the blossoms blooming, and the grass greening, and the sun beaming down on me with its warm winter kiss.

I wrote my last blog post partly in response to reading Shonda Rhimes’ book, Year of Yes ~ How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person. And in that blog posted on January 30, 2016, I claimed:

“I am embarking on my own year of ‘yes.’ Care to join me?  But that’s another blog post since I just this second realized what I just wrote – hahaha.  Now, what to do with a year of yes of my own…?”

Literally, it wasn’t until after I typed the above words that I actually understood the magnitude of what I had just said and realized that, yes, I did want to embark on my own Year of Yes. At the time, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. Or… maybe I did. I don’t generally do things without a reason, so let’s just say my heart knew long before my head caught up that this was an amazing opportunity for me to step out of my own way and to really, truly STOP HIDING.

The Beautiful You Project blog and the seminars I have taught in the past few years have all been a piece of this ‘yes,’ only I didn’t really get that, until now. So, to every single one of you, thank you for being part of my saying ‘yes’ to the world, to sharing my love of life and the joy I find in the little things. I am so grateful for your company on this journey called LIFE.

Now, as I step onto this new road, I am inviting you to join me once again. Together we can discover what saying ‘yes’ to LIFE feels like way deep, down in our bones. To KNOW we are whole, that we are fucking absolutely enough, and that we deserve to live life to the fullest. More than that, we owe it to ourselves to do so in whatever way LIFE manifests itself for each of us. For some, waking up and breathing that first conscious breath of the morning is showing up. For another, running a full-length marathon and setting a personal best at not-yet seventeen years old is showing up. Showing up, day in and day out to tutor children after school, to teach them boxing and wrestling and that moving and learning can be fun might be how LIFE manifests itself. It might even look like writing a blog about cultivating good enough-ness. Whatever LIFE looks like is irrelevant; the relevancy comes in being present. Saying ‘yes’ is the ultimate present moment. I’ve found it’s also the ultimate gift I can give myself. So, want to come and play with me?

To start I thought I’d recount the things I have said ‘yes’ to since we last chatted. Reflection, with love and grace and zero judgment, helps me put into perspective the truth of things, to discover if they are benefitting my growth or hindering my growth. It’s also a way for me to see that I am growing and learning.

Things I’ve said ‘yes’ to, (so far):

  1. Stepping waaaaay outside the paradigm of myself in trying something I thought I would NEVER do, and actually getting more out of it than I thought I would.
  2. Forgiveness, on a whole new level — think deep, deep, deep love.
  3. Taking responsibility for my own shit.
  4. Loving my family and allowing them to take responsibility for their own shit (this goes for friends as well) – this also means continuing to be compassionate and loving and holding space/being a witness without making their stuff, mine.
  5. Claiming I am a damn good writer, and realizing I am no longer afraid of the word ‘no.’
  6. Saying ‘yes’ to sharing my work with world.
  7. Saying ‘yes’ to attending Marie Forleo’s online B School when I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of years now.       As a result, I am saying ‘yes’ to learning more about the business side of life when it has scared me for so long. So, I’m also saying ‘hello’ to something new and ‘goodbye’ to something old (my belief that I’m not smart enough to figure out how to invest/spend money, let alone balance my own check book. Glad to see that old paradigm go!
  8. Saying ‘yes’ to greater health by moving more often and at a faster pace (love the walk/jog thing my girlfriend and I have going twice a week.)
  9. Allowing myself to take time off work when something is really important to me, and not feeling guilty – I’ve earned those sick days that keep accruing.
  10. Saying ‘yes’ to giving myself a glowing self-evaluation for the work I do at my school – I am really good at my job and this year I owned that truth.
  11. Saying ‘yes’ to allowing others in more.
  12. Saying ‘yes’ to being more social and doing things that might not be something I would normally do, and then enjoying myself.
  13. Saying ‘yes’ to ‘the little things’ showing me, time and again, how truly awe inspiring they can be.
  14. Saying ‘yes’ to love – heart rocks just keep appearing. Imagine that. Oh, and rainbows too.

You get the idea. The fact that I stated I was going to say ‘yes’ to things that challenge my way of thinking/doing/being in a positive manner has allowed me to recognize I am indeed saying ‘yes’ to waaay more than I thought I had, and to waaay more than I ever have before. And you know what? It has been a blast. I am filled up and motivated to keep going.

So, My Beauties, what is something you’d like to say ‘yes’ to, but have been too afraid to, too worried to say ‘yes’ to because it will rock the boat of who you think you are? You’re not alone. Saying ‘yes’ can be scary, but it can also be thrilling and liberating and just what you need. I know it’s helped me to ascend to an even greater place of joy.

Say ‘yes’, you just might like it.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease and eternal gratitude.



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2 Responses to The Start of a Year of Yes

  1. Serafina says:

    Hi Shannon, I love your posts! I always feel better after reading them and inspired to keep moving forward and defining my path. I’m right on board with you and plan on keeping my heart open to the right things to say ‘yes’ to that will grow and expand my life.
    Keep writing my friend,

    • Hi Sera,
      Thank you soooo much for all your love and support! I love that you want to embrace saying ‘yes’ to things that bring you more joy and expansive experiences. An open heart allows all kinds of love to pour in💕

      Keep up your own beautiful work!

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