Riding the Wave of Flow

Hello My Beauties,

Riding the Wave of Flow and having fun doing it, is a heart-set, not a mindset. My mind says that I’ve taken on too much, that there’s not enough time, that I won’t be able to maintain. My heart says, fuck that. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.

I don’t surf, but my family does so I’ve been around surfers and I’ve lived near the ocean on and off my whole life; I get the ebb and flow of the big wide open sea. I get too that sometimes you have to paddle your ass off to get outside the break and into the calm, and then paddle some more to find just the right spot to wait for the set. Sometimes you’ll let the wave roll by under you, and sometimes you want it, and want it bad. So, once again you paddle your ass off—this time toward shore—and then the wave catches you, and the thrill fills you and you pop up on the board and ride the wave for as long as it takes you.

It’s a thing of pure beauty.

Learning which wave has your name on it takes practice, and it takes heart. Generally, when you first learn to surf, you try to catch every wave. It’s only after you’ve been on the water for a while, taken the time to really get the feel of the ocean beneath you, all around you, the way it moves, its stillness and underlying energy, that you get there is no rush—the wave will come to you. It’s in its nature. There is a reason surfers are happy and in it for the minute, a reason they are the most present people I know. They’ve figured out how to allow, tapped into the essence of the Divine as they are. Hell, they’re immersed in the primordial juice day in and day out. They get the ebb and flow and when it’s their wave, they ride it, baby, all the way. If the wave is really big, they might tango with fear, but then the thrill of the ride overtakes them, and they are free.

So, for those of us who aren’t surfers, how to bring this essence into our own lives? Joy is my surfboard, what keeps me afloat. If I can find the joy, I’m okay; I can ride anything out to the end. Knowing that, I have set out with intention to search for, focus on, soak up and savor, and then share my joy. Because joy is so powerful, it’s hard to be scared or angry or frustrated at the same time. Joy brings me the freedom to ride the wave of flow because, like a surfer, I am staying in the moment and allowing.

Some days are better than others, the joy more tangible and thus, easier to access. Some days I have to make more of an effort to find the joy, but I always do, even if it is after the fact. Joy has become part of who I am. I’m no longer a beginner at surfing the flow, I get what I need to do; I get how it works. Staying out of my own way helps remarkably. I use my tools – journaling, writing, talking to my girlfriends, to my son, my man, my family. Exercising has become a more valuable tool as the year progresses. I remember what it feels like to be strong, and I’m getting stronger every day. Writing this blog helps more than you will ever know.

The primordial juice is right here, waiting patiently for us to take notice and let it in. Nature is all around us. Even if you live in the center of a big city, there are still birds, and sky, and if you look, you just might find that flower or weed growing from the most minuscule crack, and thriving. And it’s doing so, for no other reason, than just because it can. In a more esoteric sense, it is thriving because it chooses to do so.

So, won’t you join me, My Beauties, in riding the wave of flow? Say ‘yes’ to being patient and take the time necessary to be in tune with yourself, to know which wave has your name on it and then ride it baby, all the way.

You can do it. Think heart-set, not mindset. Your heart knows, it always does. You just have to listen.

Love and Light, Grace and Ease and eternal gratitude.




            The waters of Kauai 2016

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4 Responses to Riding the Wave of Flow

  1. Serafina says:

    Another inspiring post, thank you Shannon.

  2. Mya Martin says:

    I love reading your kernels of wisdom and truth Shannon. This post made me think of the joy we find riding our quads. I made this video the other day, when the rain was bringing me down and I was in search of my joy. Here it is if you want to watch it. It’s about 3 minutes. Turn up the volume. Love you Shannon. Hugs!

    • Hello sweet Mya,
      AWESOME video and wow, it looks like crazy fun:) How cool that you do this. Thanks for sharing!
      Miss you and glad we’re back in touch.
      Hugs back!

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