Happy Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day My Beauties,

Since last summer, I have thoroughly embraced being outside surrounded by nature, but this is a relatively new thing for me. I had an aha! moment and realized that as a teacher and a writer I spent most of my daylight hours inside. And between my teaching and my writing, I was sitting far too much. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I was missing it. It was time to MOVE.

So, with some lovely ladies, I spent every morning of the summer hiking the hills in our valley, outside, in the sun and in the heat, with all of Mother Nature’s glory surrounding me. And I loved it! The sweat, the challenge, the beauty…. But once summer vacation was over, my time outside came to a screeching halt. And oh, how I missed it!

What’s been so spectacular about this school year is my colleague and I decided to make moving part of our school day. For our lunch break, we started taking a twenty minute walk and came back to work revitalized – the flowers, the fresh air, the wind in the trees…. We also incorporated a PE Lab and walk/jog a mile every Friday with our students in the beautiful field behind our school. And just recently, we’ve gotten strong enough that for our entire lunch break we are now opting to go for a thirty minute run/walk in the nearby hills. Being in nature, has become second nature to me and I am so thrilled.

Being outside has also increased my awareness of just how much beauty there is, how we need this planet in more ways than we probably have taken the time to discover. If we allow it, She will heal us. If we allow it, She will show us the way home to ourselves.

I am in such gratitude for this big beautiful blue ball we call home.

So, My Beauties, Happy Earth Day! And here’s to getting outside, to taking better care of yourself, to soaking up Mother Nature’s love, and to loving her back.

Here are just a few images I’ve captured that take my breath away. Share below some of your own, please. Would love to see what Mother Nature does/means to you.

In gratitude and in Joy.




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4 Responses to Happy Earth Day 2016

  1. Serafina says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Mya Martin says:

    As always, I LOVE reading your uplifting perspective about LIFE. Thriving and loving life!! Thank you for your words of inspiration, Shannon! The photos are gorgeous.

    • Hello Dearheart,
      Thank you for all of your love and warm words. You inspire me to keep writing and give even more, share even more. I sooo appreciate your delight.
      Happy Tuesday! Big heart with lots of love heading your way!

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