Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

My Beauties,

Where would we be without our moms? I know I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my mom. She’s shown me what it means to be gracious, to be kind, and loving and patient. She’s also taught me to say ‘no’ because she didn’t always have the heart to do so. She’s taught me what perseverance means, to see the glass half full even when the foundation of your world has crumbled beneath your feet. She’s shown me that family matters, that friendship matters, that we—my brother, sister, and I, matter.

She is the mother of three, the grandmother of three, the sister of five, the sister-in-law of six, and a friend to all. She is that rare person who, when she sees you, she really SEES you ~ to your soul, and she loves you all the more for it. I’ve never seen anyone light up the way she does when she greets a friend, her family, or someone she is meeting for the very first time.  She is stunningly radiant as her soul reaches out and connects with yours.  It’s a miraculous feeling.

She lives and loves my dad, which says it all. And he lives and loves her back ~ over fifty-one years now, they’ve been married. They’ve been together even longer. Perseverance, gumption, a forgiving heart, a kind heart, a heart that needs my dad, and oh, how he needs her back. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

My mom is a creative. She builds houses and makes them homes, she paints the most glorious paintings, she crafts and creates beauty from Nature’s and Man’s castoffs. She works with her hands even though they ache unbearably sometimes. She has the most beautiful hands. And she has held mine more times than I can count.

Her laugh is contagious, so is her aching heart. She sees the beautiful potential of our world, sees what we are doing to it, and it just about kills her. My mom is the most vulnerable, open person I know. She is also the strongest, most forgiving person I know.

Sometimes her sensitivity is her Achilles heel, the weight of the world heavy upon her shoulders. Yet it is this sensitivity that also allows her to see the best in all of us. She is the yin and the yang ~ as are we all.

My mom is a woman to her core, a being of birth, of light, of love. Because of her, I always wanted to be a mom, to give so unconditionally, to help someone else walk the path of Life on this earth. I have a son. And one of the most glorious moments of my life is when my Mama walked into the delivery room.

She had left earlier the day before for Los Angeles. As babies do, my son decided to come three weeks early. We called my mom at 1:00am and with her mother’s help, my mom drove back to LAX, hopped on a plane to Reno, got in her rental car and found the hospital we were at. She walked into the delivery room a half an hour before my son was born.

It is her finger I see ~ the ONLY thing I see ~ as contraction after contraction hit. It is her voice I hear telling me to, “Breathe, Shannon, breathe,” so I don’t pass out at the effort. It is her laugh and her tears, mixed with our own, that welcomed our son—her first grandchild—into this world.

I will never forget that morning; the energetic connection of love that bound us all together in that small room was palpable. To have shared the birthing of my child with my mom lights up heart my every time I recall that day. And to bear witness over the years as her bond with my son grows… I wish you could see them together, they sparkle, like gold glitter in the sunlight. And they laugh and laugh and laugh. She is his Nonie and he utterly adores her. And truly, what’s not to adore.

Mommy… Mom… Mama… DiDi, it matters not what I call her, she is my angel on this earth. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world. Actually, if you’ve met her, you’re the luckiest person in the world. DiDi’s like that, she loves you to your core, just because you are you.

So My Beauties, here’s to you and to your mom. To your grandmothers and great-grandmothers. To your aunts and sisters. To your soul sisters, your soul mothers. May the love you share be ever growing and spread its sparkle.

With LOVE, more is merrier.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Blessings, Love and Light, Grace and Ease, and Eternal Gratitude.

In Joy,



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7 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. DPK says:

    BRAVO! To our Mothers, they are truly the straw that stirs the drink! Very well written and so meaningful! Absolutely Love and Adore Dian.

  2. Roshan says:

    Awwwwwww Shannon, this brought tears to my eyes! You are so right. She is an angel. Happy Mothers Day ❤️

  3. Krista Marie Horn says:

    So amazingly said Shannon. She is an angel and love incarnate.

  4. Mya Martin says:

    Beautiful, well-deserved words of dedication and full LOVE. It’s been many, many years since I’ve seen your wonderful mama, but she sure is all that you described here…one lovely, sparkling, kind, dynamic soul. Tell her hello for me please!! Reading this makes me miss my mom even more acutely. My mom Peggy, was also an incredible soul full of light… capable of such all-encompassing LOVE. Oh how I miss her presence in my life! I often told her she was truly an Angel, here for a time, to walk the Earth…and I got lucky enough to be her little girl. I am so happy that you are able to express this abundant love for your amazing mom, and she can read these words and feel truly proud to have raised such a gorgeous soulful daughter. Happy Mother’s Day Shannon!! What a gift, to read this blog. Your words fill me up and make me smile. 🙂

    • Oh, Mya,

      I do remember Miss Peggy with such love. Boy, did we all have a blast together, or what? I always felt so welcome and so loved in your home. Thank you for sharing your Mama with me:) I am sorry she’s not here physically anymore, but I know her spirit is with you always, and I KNOW how much she adored you! And, I am so thankful my words brought such joyful memories (even though it must be bittersweet missing her as you do.) Happy Mother’s day to you too my dear, dear friend.

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