LIFE’S Little Love Notes

LIFE’S Little Love Notes

Hello My Beauties,

I thought I’d share one of the ways in which the Universe reminds me that I matter, that I can and do make a difference, and that joy and love are there for the finding if we take but a moment to look, to feel, to see….

So, I’d never heard of heart rocks until my parents moved to Hollister Ranch in the 90’s. My Mom and Dad took long walks on the beach and every once in awhile, my mom would find a rock carved from the ebb and flow of the ocean into the shape of a heart. This was a wonder to me. Really? How cool.

The next time we visited, and every time after that, we combed the beach looking for heart rocks. Sometimes we’d get lucky and find one, and sometimes the earth’s salty waters would be extra generous with its bounty and we’d go home with more than one little treasure. It was as if LIFE was saying, ‘Look here, Shannon. See with more than your head, or your eyes, see with your heart.’

Hearts have always been a shape I’ve felt called to, but somewhere along the way I let go of my ‘heart shaped rock’ awareness. And then several years ago, my son and I were in Rome for his 19th birthday, when, walking along a cobblestoned street, I happened to look down and there was a heart shaped rock tucked in between the bricks.

Oh, my, the delight that bubbled up in me was a wonder in and of itself. Even here? I remember thinking. And the answer was, ‘Yes, even here.’

Throughout our vacation, we kept finding signs that LIFE was saying ‘Hello’ in a way I now fully recognize and no longer ignore. It was a hoot how often heart shaped rocks kept showing up. And then something even more fun happened. Heart shapes of all kinds started appearing everywhere. Later that same day, there was a small piece of a beer bottle’s torn label and stuck to the label was a piece of glass in the shape of a heart. I nearly stepped on a flattened piece of gum shaped like a heart…. It went on and on and on, little love notes from LIFE.

I know what I focus on expands. I know I can manifest anything, if only I believe. But this experience shifted something within me. It deepened my understanding of what is possible, expanded my perception, and gave me an even clearer purpose in setting my intention of living my life with love and through love.

Today I see hearts everywhere… in the hole of a sliced piece of bread, in the dried cream at the bottom of a mug of coffee, on a plate of olive oil and vinegar, in two leaves that have fallen just so, in the clouds, in the rocks on my driveway, in the pattern of the rock tile of my shower.

I choose to see these hearts that show up in my life as simple little reminders that if we look for love, we will find it everywhere. The super cool part? My family and friends are finding their own heart rocks, and sending me pictures of giant hearts carved in a mountain waterfall, in the shape of an island, the perfect heart shape of a leaf. It’s spread, the idea that love is everywhere. And the more we focus on this truth, the more love grows.

My Beauties, love is all there is and it is just waiting for us to pause, to take a second glance. To be filled up with the spontaneity of the heart shape’s grace and LIFE’s little love notes.

What little love notes does LIFE show you, time and again? I would love to hear, so add your comments in the comment section below.


Blessings always and in all ways.



See what I mean?  Love Notes…

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