Own Your First Day

Own Your First Day

Hello My Beauties,

I hope your summer has been magical. Mine has, and I’ve been feeling VERY resistant to letting it go as I head back to school on Thursday.

One of the things that has helped shift my resistance was watching Walmart’s Back to School commercial ~ Own The First Day https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ARpK/walmart-own-the-first-day-song-by-whitesnake  If you want to feel better about your first day back to work, back to school, to the new job, to beginning the new project, to tackling something, anything you’ve felt resistant toward, watching these kids embrace the end of summer and returning to school for another school year will do it. I found myself laughing outright and feeling emboldened by their joy.

I also found myself taking a moment to be thankful for the reminder about how powerful a shift in perception can be. Most kids I know, and I know quite a few as I’m a teacher, don’t necessarily want to return to school, they don’t like it, it isn’t easy for them, it’s a return to structure after months of freedom. But what I saw on the children’s faces in the commercial—pure joy, acceptance, I Can and I Will Do This… reminded me we hold the power within ourselves to make things better, even the really shitty things. It comes down to how we feel about something and then shifting that feeling to a higher vibration. But how? For me it’s gratitude.

Gratitude helps move things from ‘ugh!’ to ‘okay’ to ‘I’ve got this.’

From a place of gratitude, it becomes easier to find the joy. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to discover the pearl within the quicksand, sometimes we may never actually see the pearl, but it’s there. And knowing it’s there makes all the difference.

I had a dream the other morning that made me smile at its absurdity and its simple message. In that place between sleep and wakefulness I moved my arm across the space in front of me in a giant arc, holding a spray can. And it wasn’t until I woke that I figured out what I was spraying all over the place—gratitude. I told my man about it and we laughed together and talked about the potential of such a thing.

What if we all held an imaginary spray can of gratitude and just sprayed the beautiful, delightful stuff all over the ick and the ugh and the shit?

How cool would that be? (Can you hear the geek in me? I love this kind of shit! Hehehe.) But think about it, we already know getting to a space where you can find something to be grateful for—even if it is just that the day is finally over—lifts your spirits.

When you feel better, everything shifts. Life becomes something to enjoy rather than to just get through.

So, here’s what I propose. Let’s each carry a spray can of gratitude with us everywhere we go. It’s imaginary, but we know how powerful the mind in combination with the heart can be. When things get sticky and icky, pull out your can of gratitude and spray the sucker silly.

Cover it in a cloud of thankfulness and see what happens.

Those kids portrayed in the Walmart commercial had a choice; they even show them making the choice—to be sad and resistant, or to embrace the day. They chose to embrace the day. To own the day.

And I’m going to too.

I’m starting my tenth year with my school. Kind of wild to think about how far I’ve come. I started the job when I was 40, now I’m 50. My son was in 7th grade, now he’s 21 and traveling the world. I was happy then, I am joyful now. And I am ever so grateful.

Right now, I’ve got my spray can of gratitude in hand and I’m covering you in the stuff.

I am so grateful you read my words and take them to heart, that you have invited me into your life. You have enriched me in ways I’m still uncovering, but I do know I’m a better person for sharing this experience called The Beautiful You Project with you.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

So, whatever your first day is this week, this month, this year, let’s let go of resistance and embrace the day.

OWN IT, Baby!


Your Turn:

I would love to hear about what you have been resistant to.

Let me know if having an imaginary spray can of gratitude and if spraying a whole lotta love and appreciation over it, makes it better.

Have fun with this idea, play with it.  If you have your own version we can all use as a tool to shift our perceptions so we feel better, please share in the comments section below.

 In deepest gratitude and with love and blessings.

In Joy,


Me at my 50th birth day celebration. Can you tell I'm bursting with joy?!

Me at my 50th birth day celebration. Can you tell I’m bursting with joy?!





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  1. Shannon, love the visual of the spray can! It’s just those kind of ideas that can help us remember to spread the gratitude. 🙂

  2. DPK says:


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