You Are A Vast Ocean

You Are A Vast Ocean

Hello My Beauties,

Flying is in my DNA — my grandfather was a pilot and my dad has been flying for over 62 years (since he was 10 years old!)  Needless to say, the opportunities I had to climb in a plane have been numerous, and I have loved every minute of it.  My love of flying even had me attempting to get my pilot’s license in college.  Lol, I found landing a bit tricky, but not nearly as tricky as passing the written test.  Not meant to be, though I tried again and again.  Still, I found another way to be in the sky.  I became a flight attendant straight out of college, and though I am no longer a flight attendant, I still get to travel the friendly skies with my man.

I literally have been flying all of my life from Piper Cubs, to Boeing 747s, to private jets. There is nothing like looking down upon this big beautiful blue ball we all get to live upon.  Whether it is from the perspective of 500 feet, 27,000 feet or even 35,000 feet – it’s pure magic.

These days, once in a while I get to go on a trip with my man.  This weekend was one of those times.  On our return flight the sun was low in the sky, perfectly in my side window, a big brilliant yellow light that followed us home.  With the sea below us and a cerulean sky all around us filled with popcorn clouds… well, let’s just say I breathed deep of the gloriousness of it all and focused my intent on taking it all in.  Generally, this is what I do when I get a chance to fly, try to take all the beauty in.  But on Saturday, this intention became even more intentful.

I am a healthy person, I have a very positive view of life (some may say rose tinted, but then, pink IS my favorite color.)  I do my best to practice joy daily, gratitude moment by moment.  And…

There is nothing like losing a close friend to cancer, having another suffer, a bit of a health fright with my GG, to make it CRYSTAL clear that our time here is precious, is limited, and is absolutely what we make of it.

So, as I was sitting in my seat, belted in, I stared out the window, the sun on my face and let the heat of the fireball that feeds us all energy—that feeds us LIFE—to fill me, heat me from the outside in.  I watched the clouds race by, the ocean undulate below me, the sunlight fracture into rainbows.  And I sat there with it, the yin and yang of life, and loved it still.

We are as vast as all the oceans and seas and bodies of water on this planet put together, and we are as minute as a single grain of sand on all the beaches in all the lands.  We are full to bursting with love, with potential, with possibilities.

Knowing that life is precious, that it is finite, take a moment with yourself, for yourself.


Breathe In.  Breathe out

Place your hand over your heart and close your eyes and tell yourself, “I love you.  I love you.  I love you.” 

Be your own best friend. 

AND, get off the couch and go do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do!  I give you permission.  

Better yet, give YOURSELF permission. 

Even if you don’t succeed.  Even if you find out that what you thought you wanted, you no longer have any desire to have.  Follow your curiosity.  Allow the muse to lead you through magical gardens of delight.  Eat cookies for breakfast, chocolate for lunch, and banana splits for dinner if you want to.  Break outside your own box.  BE BOLD.  Try something new even if it is only brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

Above all, give yourself permission to live.

Live, My Beauties.  Live!

In Joy,




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2 Responses to You Are A Vast Ocean

  1. katdrennan says:

    Thanks, Shannon,

    That was fabulous.

    Tina (Kat Drennan)

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