Repost: In Honor of My Mama GG and Her 96th Birth Day ~ December 9th, 2016

Repost from April 22, 2015:  

Geraldina Fay Smith Horn

When I’m 94…  

Hello My Beauties,

I hope this fine day finds you in good health, with bubbling spirits, and a singing heart.

I had the beautiful opportunity to spend my Spring Break in Kauai with my 94 years young grandmother who we affectionately call, GG.

GG is one of the happiest people I know and as she ages, she becomes even more so. As I was spending time with her she kept marveling at how she, an only child, could have such a large and happy and healthy family, how she was sooo blessed, that she had children she loved who loved her back, five grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and now one great-great grandchild. How did she get so lucky?

Born in 1920 and still thriving in 2015, ahhh, the beauty of what she has seen. Driving a horse and buggy, trains, the model T, airplanes, landing on the moon, the space station…. How cool to be a part of so much change. And the real beauty of it?

She has embraced change all her life.

Yes, she has seen heartache, as have we all, but even so, she has kept moving forward with love in her heart.

She could have closed off, chosen fear over love.

After all, she was only 52 when the love of her life passed away—less than four years from where I stand now. But she didn’t.

She chose love, and has every day since.

Whenever we were apart for any length of time, when we saw each other or talked on the telephone, she would always ask the same thing: “Have I told you lately?” Have I told you lately, is code for:

I love you, I love you, I love you ~ always and in all ways, forever and ever and ever.

GG has always, and in all ways, been there for me. As a young child, she was who I ran away to, I even did this as a young adult—and not once, did she ever say, “No, go home.” She opened her arms and pulled me close and held on with all of her might, welcoming me with an open heart and an outpouring of love the likes of which I wish everyone had an opportunity to feel. Such unconditional Light and Joy and Grace….

GG was there for me my whole young life, there for me my whole young adult life, there for me when I got married, when I had my son, when I was struggling in my marriage, when I needed someone to watch my son as I went back to work after being a stay at home mom for nearly six years. She was there for me when my divorce was final, when I moved out on my own, when I went back to school to get my teaching certificate. She was there for me when I met my new love, when my son graduated high school, traveled the globe, and now is so excited to hear about his wondrous adventures in college.

GG is there for me now, in every moment of every day, and even when she leaves this earth, I know she will still be there for me, standing right beside me, silently encouraging me with her beacon of love guiding the way to my highest good.

I have been blessed in so many ways because of GG, but mostly I am blessed because of who she is, because of the example, the path she has carved out for those of us who get to follow in her footsteps. When I am 94, and believe me when I tell you I will be 94 (someday,) I plan on being just as grateful for a full life, just as in awe of the beauty that surrounds me, just as full of love, and just as kind and joyful.

But most of all I hope that I will be as filled with as much grace as my precious, beautiful GG is because then I will have no doubt that I have lived, and lived well.

So My precious Beauties, who in your life is as precious to you as my GG is to me? Take a moment and reflect on the impact they have had on you. Think about how you have been made better for their loving you. And say, “thank you thank you thank you.”

Know you are loved in every way, shape, and form. Know that you are unique and wonderful and wondrous. Know that possibilities abound, that miracles happen for you every day. Know that GG loves you. Know that I love you.

“Have I told you lately?”

Love and Light, Grace and Ease.



Happy 96th Birth Day, GG!!!

Daughter ~ Mother ~ Grandmother ~ Great-Grandmother ~ Great-Great Grandmother ~ Friend ~ Mentor ~ Wicked Sense of Humor ~ Lovely, Precious, Filled with Grace, GG


My beautiful sister and uncle too!


My son and his GG (great-grandmother)


Hilarity on the Beaches of Kauai 2015


And GG says with a wicked grin, “I’ve already finished mine. Can I have another?”


No Caption Needed…


Two of my MOST favorite people ~ We’ve lived through this life together in love and laughter and compassion, knowing we are always and in all ways there for each other. I am so grateful.

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4 Responses to Repost: In Honor of My Mama GG and Her 96th Birth Day ~ December 9th, 2016

  1. Kristy White - Designer & Photographer says:

    Thank You Shannon for sharing, This filled my heart.
    PS Been trying to find you on FB to connect in the valley 😉

  2. katdrennan says:

    Thanks, Beautiful YOU.


  3. DPK says:

    Happy Birthday GG and Happy Holidays! My Very Best to you and your family.

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