A Year In Review

A Year In Review

Hello My Beauty,

As the holidays pass into the year behind us, I’m looking forward to 2017. For now though, I’m taking a moment to bask in my gratitude and joy because of all of you, My Beauty.

Yes, YOU!

Because of you, I’ve taken moments out of my day to reflect, to think about how through my experiences I can give back to you, to the ALL that is. Thank you for holding this space for me, it has become a sacred calling and something I feel so profoundly in awe of.

In 2013, The Beautiful You Project began with a question ~ how do I help others unearth the truth, ‘I am good enough, just because’?

I began by hosting a small group of girls and women. We met once a week, for a year. My intention? To create a sacred space where we could share our life stories, practice self-empowering affirmations until we believed them, and then lived them. We journaled to excavate our authentic selves, created vision boards about how we wanted to feel, had conversations where exploring what “good enough” meant to each of us. And then we did something too many women do not do, we supported and encouraged each individual’s growth into their own realm of good enough-ness.

And we thrived.

From that miraculous space, I created The Beautiful You Project blog. Because of YOU, because of this beautiful partnership we have created and cultivated together, Beautiful You is now three years strong.   And we’re not done yet…

There was a point this summer where I thought of giving up writing this blog. Not because of anything you did or did not do, but because I felt I couldn’t give my-everything to both my fictional writing and this beauty.

What I have re-discovered in writing my posts since August is that writing for The Beautiful You Project refills me as much as it refills you. It’s a bit selfish really, though my intention is completely altruistic. They say, you teach what you need to learn, and I have learned so much in these past three years with you. In my posts, I’ve shared with you what is relevant to me, what piques my curiosity, what I struggle with, the lessons I’ve learned, the triumphs I’ve felt. And in doing so, you have let me into your homes and into your hearts.

Thank You. THANK YOU. Thank YOU.

We are in this wild, wondrous, wicked, wacky, WOW of a life together. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So as 2017 approaches, My Beauty, I ask that you create a sacred space and give yourself the time you need reflect on where you are now and where you were 365 days ago.

Expose the journey; remind yourself, ‘I’m still alive and kickin’!

Take a deep breath. And another. And another, if you need to.

LET. IT. ALL. GO… the good, the bad, the ugly, the wondrous. Let everything resurface and as it does, cut the strings, give yourself the gift of forgiveness, of starting anew, of being kind and gentle and loving. Let it go.

You did the best you could. Accept into your core all that you’ve learned. And remember, when you KNOW better, you DO better.

Tomorrow is a NEW and sparkly day. 2017 is a new and sparkly year that you get to bask in.

So, My Beauty, as I write you this, my last post of 2016, know that I love you. Know that this year has been hard and wondrous, full of rain and rainbows. It has been a year of letting go and saying goodbye to many I cherish, but it has also been a year of saying ‘hello’ too. Of re-establishing old friendships, of learning to accept my ups and downs with greater ease, of bouncing back stronger than before. Of giving myself the time I need for deeper self-care.

As the longest night of the year is now behind us, I can feel the light shining through even stronger than before. With that in mind, as December wanes, I am going to take this time to refill my buckets, to really reflect on where I’ve been and to set my intent on how I want to feel in 2017 and where those feelings might take me.

I know I am stronger now than I was 365 days ago. My faith in joy and love and hope and laughter is deeper, fiercer than ever, as is my gratitude for you, My Beauty.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, for walking by my side. For laughing with me and crying with me. For ranting and raving and for allowing yourself to have a moment with me. For drinking bubbly because EVERY FUCKING DAY is a celebration.

Most of all remember if this year was a bruiser, it’s nearly over. Steep in the gratitude that you survived another year on this big blue ball we call EARTH. I know I’m thrilled you are here!

Thank you, dear friend.

And may 2017 be the most joyous, most loving, most kind, most hilarious, and most fun and wondrous year yet!

In Joy, and with deepest gratitude.


LOL!  Same dress two different events ~ my 50th in July and one of my dearest friend’s wedding day just last month.

Me at my 50th birth day celebration. Can you tell I'm bursting with joy?!

Me at my 50th birth day celebration. Can you tell I’m bursting with joy?!



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2 Responses to A Year In Review

  1. katdrennan says:

    And a very happy, healthy wow new year to you, too. We’re starting our new year by going on a very special bicycle adventure around the big island, Hawaii. We’ll be back after the 14th and I’d love to get together asap after that. Thank you for all your uplifting words.

    • Hi Kat! Gabe a wonderful time! We’re on our way to Kauai to visit family. I would love to get together soon too! Let’s make it happen🤗
      Thank you for all your support and encouragement.💕

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