REPOST Love ~ 12-10-2013

Hello My Beauty,

Please enjoy my REPOST ~ LOVE ~ from December 10th, 2013.  I thought we could all use a little reminder of the healing power of love right now.  I also wanted to say, Thank You for all of YOUR love and support and encouragement.

May this repost fill up your bucket.  Purposeful kindness is the order of the day.  Be gentle, cherish what feels good, laugh.  And if it’s stormy where you are like it is here, snuggle up with a cozy blanket and weather the day, knowing you are safe and warm… and LOVED.


What is love?

That’s the cool part — love can mean something different to everyone. Love can be the birthing of a child, love can be the releasing of the body to move on, love can be a kiss, or the delight we take in eating a piece of chocolate or reading a good book.

Love is what we all crave.

Why then are we so good at shoving it aside, making it dark and ugly, denying the very essence of what we need to survive? Because we are afraid. But afraid of what?  That’s the kicker.


We’re like addicts suffering from the dis-ease of denying ourselves that which we need most ~ respite, a warm embrace, the knowing we are good enough.

It is in this denial that we lose our way, get lost in the shadows of doubt, fear, guilt, judgment, self-hatred….

So many of us are so afraid of becoming that which we ARE MEANT TO BE ~ beings of light, bearers of truth, spreaders of joy and love and everything fun and full of life.

It is time to release these mental constraints, these chains that hold us back, weigh us down. This IS our time to FLY.

So, LEAP My Beauty, and TRUST that the winds of love will keep you afloat, will carry you high, will provide buffer when the storm hits. 

Love, faith, hope… one and the same? For without hope, without faith, can love truly exist? To allow love in, we must first choose to be fully open, to be vulnerable, and that is one of the scariest things we can ever face, especially if we have been hurt by love, cheated out of love, used love as a weapon, or been beaten down by what some perceive as love. It’s hard to be willing to open up. It can take time to heal, to strip off the layers of mistrust, hurt, and the terror that you will be hurt again when you barely survived the last knife to the heart.

BUT… if we do not allow ourselves to step beyond our fear, to stand in the place of hope that it can be different, that love can be better, kinder, more joyous, more healing… then we’ve already made up our minds, haven’t we?

Without hope, we’ve locked our hearts away and not only thrown away the key, but melted it down.

So, what do we do then?

Create a new key.

This is where faith comes in. Faith in the Universe/God/Life, faith in yourself, faith in the fact that the Universe has your back, that it wants you to heal, to be whole, to be happy. Faith can heal anything if we allow it. Faith is the belief that anything is possible, even redemption.

So when you are in your deep dark cave, in the belly of the beast, how do you claw your way out?

You search out the light, search out faith.

For even a pinprick of light/faith is enough to see, to make your way.  And the more you follow the light/faith, the brighter and stronger it gets.

People have done the impossible–healed themselves, swam from one country to another, leapt from the farthest reaches of our stratosphere to land safely once more back on earth. Surely, anything is possible when we believe it to be so.

Truth, like love, is what we make of it. At one time, people believed the world was flat, that the stars were beyond our reach, that forgiveness of the most heinous crime was impossible. But it’s not. And why is that?

Because of love, because of faith, because of hope, and because at some point someone chose to believe it so, and then it WAS so.

We CAN do the impossible ~ it’s been proven, time and again.

So why then are we still so afraid of love, to love?

More striking is how utterly terrified we are to love the one person that makes all the difference in our world–ourselves. Self-love equates anathema. And this is the root of the problem.

Without self-love, we become limited, reside in lack, and expect the worst. And guess what? We get exactly that — Ick. Uck. And No!

Enough, I say.

If you are stuck in this muck of self-loathing, all you have to do is reach out, and help WILL come.

Open yourself to the possibility that it can be different, that this too shall pass, that you CAN heal. Hope and Faith are the light that will illuminate your way home to yourself.


So, My Beauty, what is one thing you can do TODAY to let love, light, faith and hope in a little more, in a little deeper?

What is one thing you have been denying yourself? Indulge, splurge, tend to your Self, and love who and what you are a little bit more each day. You are, after all, the only YOU that exists.

And that, My Beauty, is the most beautiful miracle of all.





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