A Riff Of Words ~

A Riff of Words~

Hello My Beauty,

As you may know, I journal every morning as my way of connecting with my SELF, with Spirit/the Universe/God/LOVE/Joy….

I wanted to share what came through on January 24, 2017.  Please note, this is pretty much unedited, so take it in as the free flow journey it was/is and continues to be….


Love love love, and love some more
Life is shorter than we think and life is what we make of it
Laugh as much as you can, love as much as you can
Follow your curiosity, your passion, your bliss, your joy
Breathe and breathe and breathe
Scream and cry and rant and rave

Then get back to it
Back to re-becoming you, the YOU you were before you learned you weren’t enough…
weren’t good enough
smart enough
pretty enough
skinny enough
kind enough
quiet enough
Enough Enough ENOUGH!

Enough means, ‘done.’ And who wants to be here on this big blue planet and be done? It literally defeats the purpose of our existence

We are here to learn to say ‘no’ to enough so we can say ‘yes’ to more ~more love, more joy, more laughter, more abundance, more health, more…

More means greater than
More means worth
I am worthy
I am worth more than ick and uck and not enough
I Am That I Am

We are bigger than we think, brighter than we believe, and far more courageous than we give ourselves credit for
We have babies… out of our bodies and we love them and teach them, and they in turn teach us

They teach us all about the scary shit…

To love unconditionally.

But to love them unconditionally, we must first learn to love ourselves ~ the ugly, the beautiful, the bad, the wondrous, the goodness we each hold within
They teach us to surrender control
They teach us to listen, and to remember it is righteous to say ‘no’ when you mean ‘no,’ so you then are empowered to say a glorious ‘yes!when you really fucking mean it and it’s important

They teach us that crying and raging and letting it all hang out there for everyone to see is cathartic and when the catharsis is over, it’s time to move on
They teach us to be present, to live in the moment ~ something as adults we tend not to do because we’ve forgotten the grace and the beauty and the space in the moment

And the scariest thing?

They teach us to live in joy

All you need is to listen to a baby/a child laugh and you are healed, and you know…


Joy will set you free to be YOU!

So, My Beauty, laugh and breathe and cry and scream and laugh some more – hold that joy in your body, breathe it in, let it sparkle like fine champagne and fill your soul

You are enough ~ enough of whatever….

Better yet, let go of that bullshit and focus not on enough, but on joy, on love, on living each moment to its fullest like you did when you didn’t know any different. Like you did when you were a little kid.

Remember who you really are…

You are divine stardust… and stardust is meant to shine!


Blessings to you, My Beauty, always and in all ways ~



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