Everything Is Golden

Everything Is Golden

Hello My Beauties,

I want to let you know you’ve been on my mind all Summer.  I’ve been focused on finishing my current fiction work in progress (which is still in progress, though I’m rounding the final lap.)  Please know you’ve been in my heart and in my soul every day since the last time I wrote here.

I want to thank you for holding this sacred space for me.  For always loving me and encouraging me and walking this path with me.  This summer has been filled with transitions and sacred truths.  With pivotal moments where life and death and life walk that fine line of ever flowing energy.  Some things have been super scary, some things have been super glorious ~ yin and yang, light and dark, ugliness and beauty.  LIFE in all its deliciousness.

Today I wanted to share one of the golden moments of my summer with you.  Wanted to give you hope, that we can do hard things.  May you find your own truth in my sharing mine.

Here we go…

My girlfriend and I set off on our first road trip together to see Danielle LaPorte on her book tour for White Hot Truth.

This was a big deal, since we’ve been besties for over fourteen years, and this was our first road trip together—just two girls driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles.

Totally awesome, AND a weee bit out of our comfort zone.

The drive was lovely—the windy road of Highway 1, the beach all glowy, the sea sparkling with sunlight, the conversation full of giggles and delight….

I don’t know how or why, but golden became our #truthbomb for the weekend. And you know what? Everything was golden—from the hotel, to the lack of traffic, to the lovely barmaid who set us up with Lyft and gave us a coupon to boot. Champagne, dinner….

Can you say, golden?

Practice it with me ~ golden.

It was a delightful shift in perspective as my driving anywhere new seems to stir awake my fears of being lost, of not knowing where I’m going.  Out of my comfort zone button pushed. It’s an old paradigm I’m still working through ~ thankfully, it pretty much stays in the realm of driving directions.

Between the two of us ~ it helps that my girlfriend is most certainly NOT directionally challenged ~ we made it to our hotel. Our room was on the 17th floor overlooking LAX, and with the sun setting, our view was literally, golden. The airplane parked beyond our window was a bright shade of purple and said, WOW, in bold white lettering. I took this as a sign the weekend was going to be spectacularly, you guessed it… golden.

The gig was awesome and affirming, with goldenah ha’s’ and one truly fucking amazing woman standing up for all of us. Speaking out for all of us. Loving and leaning in for all of us as she spoke her “open heart[ed], big fucking fence” kind of truth.

The kind of truth that makes you catch your breath, and cheer in solidarity. The kind of truth that makes you thankful to be a woman, to know the kind of friendship that always has your back ~ and your front, and your right and left, and your upside down crazy loveliness.

The kind of White Hot Truth that when one of us stands up and speaks, it makes it that much easier for each of us to do the same. And that, My Beauties, was one of the most golden of golden moments.

Sitting next to my girlfriend in a room full of strangers, I realized we weren’t total strangers at all, but members of the same tribe. I was awed.

Listening to Danielle speak, I was proud. Proud my girlfriend and I had dared step outside our comfort zones in order to stand witness to Danielle’s truth, and therefore, our own.

It might seem a little thing, driving from Santa Barbara to LA, but I’ve come to understand it’s the little things that make all the difference ~ whether in leaping forward or in staying stuck.

The first step is always the hardest. In driving to LA, we pushed forward and stood in the light.

We remembered we were more capable than we gave ourselves credit for. That we could do hard things, even if those hard things were really only in our minds.

I know trying something new affords me the opportunity to push against resistance ~ the force of nature that stands in my way, like the soil hiding a daisy. The daisy has to push through the dirt to reach the sunlight in order to blossom.

That’s what going to see Danielle LaPorte was for us, a golden opportunity to push through our resistance. It might have been only 30 hours, but it was absolutely a golden opportunity to prove to ourselves, one, that we could. And two, that not only could we, but we did. And had a delightfully, delicious time doing it!

Best of all? We’d do it again. And that is the most golden thing of all.

I’m a bit fanatical it turns out when it comes to choosing to love/learn via grace and ease and joy.

This trip pushed my buttons just enough I was able to breathe and laugh through the fear. Practice for the hard parts of life, a golden reminder that I can do hard things, even, and perhaps especially, when that hard thing is getting out of my own way.

Buying the tickets to see Danielle LaPorte was the first step, following through… the reward.

Know, My Beautiful You friends, if I can do it, you can too.

Here’s to creating, and being open to your own golden moments.


IN JOY and limitless gratitude.







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