Happy Thanks

Hello My Beauties,

I know Hanukkah ended last eve, Winter Solstice is today, and Christmas is right around the corner (already?!  how can this be?!), but I wrote this for you, My Beauties, a week after Thanksgiving, and decided to post it today.  Who really cares about physical timing anyway?  It’s the divine timing that matters most.

Holy holy holy.  You

Are a miracle

Precious in every way

Perfect by design

You are the only YOU there is ~ one in a million, billion, trillion….


Take the time to get to know who you are

Hold yourself close, whisper sweet nothings, and know you are loved

Angels watch over you, giggling with you, crying with you, loving you always 

Notice the little things, let them tickle your fancy, make you smile

Kiss a bunch of frogs and be your own prince or princess

Savor the sweet and the salty, the bitter and the tangy for all of it, all of you, is LIFE

Thank you for all you do, for all you are.  Thank you for loving me and supporting me.  THANK YOU for finding within your own good enough-ness and joy and love and laughter and light and sharing it with the world.  Thank you for showing up and for taking this journey with me — and we’re just getting started!

I am the better for knowing each of you.

Blessings and in ever ending JOY,


We hold each other in our hands and in our hearts.

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4 Responses to Happy Thanks

  1. Guncle Rich says:

    So sweet, Sweetheart
    Wishing you and yours a loving, joyful and long life 😘😍🌈🎄

  2. Mya Martin says:

    Love & blessings to you too dearest Shannon. You are a shining soul.

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