I decided to re-post LIGHT (12/22/16) as it still resonates with me during this holiday season.  May you find your own inner spark, and may it shine bright!

Hello My Beauties,

So, I was thinking about LIGHT and why we cover our trees and houses and windows with sparkly lights, why this time of year is especially magical….

There are the obvious reasons, Jesus’ birth, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice… the time where family comes together when many of us are apart the rest of the year.

But it goes deeper than that. This time of the year lights are everywhere ~ the night fairly sparkles here in our little valley. Solvang has white lights wrapped around the trees that line Highway 246, and you can’t help but feel the magic in the crisp night air.

What the lights do for me is remind me, that even on the darkest of nights, all you need is a spark and the dark becomes embraced by the light.

For me, that spark is joy.

In an earlier blog post, Buckets, I wrote about how we need to keep our buckets of joy and gratitude and love and hope full so on the darkest of days, we know we have what we need to heal ourselves.

This time of the season can be especially trying for some, for others it is the most joyous of occasions. In either case, perhaps the sparkly lights we see everywhere can serve as another type of bucket ~ a touchstone to remind us that we too are made of LIGHT and Stardust and… Magic.

Perhaps we lace our houses and trees with bright lights in response to December and January being the darkest of nights and in some places in the world, the bitterest cold. Perhaps we do this because LIGHT represents safety and warmth and welcome.

And in the darkest of nights, don’t we all need the hope, that at least somewhere in the world, we are welcome, wanted, that we matter?

I am very fortunate. I know I am welcome, that I am wanted, that I matter. But what if you don’t feel that way? What if no one is there to remind you that you are a miracle just because you are the only YOU in EXISTENCE? The Light is like a slap in the face, a constant reminder of what you DO NOT HAVE and what you WANT with ALL of your being….  What then?

The answer, My Beauties is: BE YOUR OWN DAMN BEST FRIEND. Do for yourself what no one else is.

Love yourself like there is no tomorrow, because in fact, there might not be.

Laugh because you are alive.

Tilt your face up and let the rays and warmth of the sun fill you with light and know that LIGHT recognizes LIGHT ~ that you are a mirror of all that is above and all that is below.

Tilt your face up and let the cool glow of moonbeams enfold you, whisper that you too are of the Night. That you too belong among the Stars, that the diamonds that sparkle far, far above are OF you.

Let the breeze tickle your skin with your hair, a gentle caress to remind you, you are cherished.

Watch a butterfly dance upon the air and know that once it was a caterpillar. Know that within its cocoon the caterpillar literally turned to mush and goo so that it could then, and only then, blossom into its true self.

Hug a dog. Let it lick your face in greeting and feel its unconditional joy at meeting you as if it is for the first time, every time.

Listen to a baby laugh with unfettered joy and then bring that joy into your being so the spark can be relit.

Blow gently on that spark of joy with self-compassion and watch the flames catch, the fire grow.

You are of the LIGHT.

You are made of LIGHT.

Be your own LIGHT if no one else will.

As you shine, your LIGHT will be the beacon for someone else hidden in the deep, dark night terrified to move because UNTIL YOU, it has been black as pitch.

It only takes a spark.

LIGHT is all around you. LIGHT is in every fiber of your being. LIGHT is WHO YOU ARE.

The DARK, My Beauties, is there to show you this TRUTH.

So shine and shine bright.

Blessings and may all the LIGHT that you are, fill your being with joy and love and self-compassion and acceptance.

Isn’t that the best birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, and just any-old-day gift you can give yourself?


IN JOY and limitless Gratitude.



The golden-white lights of Solvang, Ca.  Peace, Grace, and Ease this holiday season to all of you, My Beauties!


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4 Responses to REPOST ~ LIGHT

  1. Kat Drennan says:

    Thank you, Shannon. Best of the season to you.

  2. Cheryl Mergenthaler says:

    Love this post Shannon. Love to you and the entire family this Christmas!

    I would really like to get together in 2018! In fact, if your mom is in town and the two of you have any time in January or February I’d drive my mom up that way to meet-up with you guys. Or, did I hear that your mom and dad might be traveling down to San Diego for treatments? Do keep me posted when you get a moment. Thanks,

    Cheryl Mergenthaler cell. 760-310-0421


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