Little White Mailboxes

Little White Mailboxes

Hello My Beauties,

Spring has sprung and with all the rain we’ve been getting here in the Valley, it’s about as green as a four-leaf clover!  It’s just delightful.  I hope wherever you live, you’re feeling rejuvenated and refreshed too, that everything has been washed clean.

I wanted to share a recent epiphany I had.  I’ve been taking myself on walk-jogs around my neighborhood and happened to notice all the white mailboxes along the way.  About every couple of hundred yards or so….

Do you know that feeling when you’re jogging, and your body is screaming at you to quit, and you have to play mind games just to keep going?

Well, that’s what these white mailboxes have become for me, a game.  My lungs are burning, my hips are squeaking loudly in protest, and I’m tired.  Then I see one of these little white mailboxes and I tell myself, ‘you can make it to that next one.’

When I get there, I give it a little love tap, then shift to my two-minute walk and somehow, that little white mailbox has made all the difference just by ‘being’ there.  And then I do it again, and again, until I’ve completed my 3-mile loop.

I’ve been making some serious progress on editing my novel, I’ve written my query and synopsis for like the quadrillionth time, and… part of me is still scared.  Not scared about the literary agents saying ‘no, thank you,’ or that no one will like it, or even that it will never get published.  I know deep in my bones, none of that is true.

What I’ve finally realized scares me is the business side of getting published, of having to sign contracts and work with money.  Of being an adult and a professional ~ not my scared inner little girl ~ and do things I’ve never had to do before, like be famous and put myself out there in an even bigger way than I am by writing this blog….

AND the little white mailboxes have made all the difference.

They reminded me I only need to take one step at a time, and I can do that.  I can focus on the right here and the right now and get the edit done.  Then I can focus on getting the query letters actually out to real, live literary agents.  And when the time comes to say, ‘yes’ to the best partner in my writing career, I’ll focus on that then.  And then the next piece after that and then the next….

And the true ‘aha’ to this?  Fear moved to the back seat happily, all on its own.

Becoming a published author, if I take it piece by piece, won’t be scary at all, it will be exciting and thrilling and adventurous.  And I’ll have people in my court cheering me on, LIKE THEY ARE DOING RIGHT NOW.

I can do this.  I AM doing this.

It’s just sometimes, I get caught up in the big picture and get overwhelmed by all that has to be done/has yet to get done, by all that I don’t know, by all the time it’s taking me/has taken me to get to here, let alone how on earth I’m ever going to get to over there….

My Beauties, I know, you know what I mean.  This isn’t just something that happens to me while jogging or even in regards to my writing, this feeling is something we all experience, in all kinds of different ways, for all kinds of different reasons.

Our dreams can be SOOO BIG, we don’t know how to allow them to happen.

I’ve decided I’m going to take mine on, one little white mailbox at a time.  I KNOW I can do that.

And I KNOW, My Beauties, that you can do that too.

So, if there is something that’s got you overwhelmed, break it down into smaller pieces.  Find a visual that’ll help solidify this idea like the white mailboxes have done for me.

Another way of looking at this is to imagine yourself driving at night.  The road is pitch black but for the gleam of your headlights.  The light only reaches so far ahead, but you don’t stop driving.

You TRUST that the LIGHT will guide your way, that you will make it safely around the next bend or up the hill or beyond that bridge because you turned your lights on.

So, turn your lights on, My Beauties, rev up your trust and faith in the Universe taking care of you.  And jump with me!  Or, better yet, go at it, one little white mailbox at a time.

IN Joy,

Love and Blessings ~


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1 Response to Little White Mailboxes

  1. Krista says:

    Just brilliant. Little ways to keep us moving forward and keeping our bodies/minds sharp!

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