The Beautiful You Project

I have a Master’s in Education, a Multiple Subject Teaching credential, a B.A. in English and yet, at my core, I used to think I wasn’t smart enough and that I did everything wrong.

What changed?

My belief in my self-worth.  It was a challenging journey, but one I would never take back, for now I KNOW that I am good enough, that I am smart enough, and that I am only as limited as I believe I am.

It is my intention to share my story and to bear witness to yours so that we may ALL know we are good enough, that we matter, and that if we don’t like how our lives are going, we have the power within ourselves to not only make it better, but to make it fabulous.


2 Responses to The Beautiful You Project

  1. K says:

    You touch my heart and fill it with Grace!

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